"Fresh In The Box" Organic Japanese Restaurant

Great tasting, healthy, organic, reasonably priced Japanese food served up in a family friendly atmosphere.

Fresh In The Box is an “Organic” Japanese restaurant that was created with the concept of helping serve others and the environment with quality and respect. We do our best to be Eco-friendly and to provide healthy and great tasting foods to benefit the health needs of our customers.  Our menu is the home of brown rice sushi, organic salads, natural free range raised chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.

We offer catering for special events, businesses, and home entertainment.  We also try to cater to individuals who are on special medical diets such as macrobiotic, diabetic and heart disease.

Our restaurant is available for group events and social gatherings with a reservation. A menu can be created for these events.

Chef and Creator of All Our Recipies: Michiyo

My recipes are inspired by nature and loving care.  I have tried to create dishes that are unique, healthy, fun to eat, and beautiful.

My staff and I welcome you to visit us!  We look forward to see you and thank you for your interest in our restaurant.


"This Culver City organic sushi joint offers friendly service, tasty sushi (with the option of brown rice) and a reasonable price. Everything Zen? Mm-hm!" --LA Times, April 24, 2008

"Fresh in the Box is a fun place to eat and have group gatherings. Try the spicy tuna rolls." ---Mai-Li & Drew

"I love curry with brown rice and talking to Michiyo. Her smile and warm friendly service makes me happy."---Yoko

"I love Japanese food and being organic is even better. My friends love to come and eat here." ---Sherry

"I have been eating at Fresh In The Box for years and the atmosphere and menu gets better and better." ---Ken

"Fresh in the Box is fabulous! I order the crunchy roll with brown rice....The service is always fantastic everytime I go." -- Heidi

"Great value - healthy Japanese food that tastes good and is light on the wallet." --Pete

"I am addicted to this place! The food is fresh and delicious. I order from here at least 3 days a week, and so far recommend the spicy tuna sashimi salad and grilled salmon with spicy miso sauce. I haven't tried the curry yet, but I'm looking forward to it." -- Susan